Directory of the Archives, Libraries & Museums of Polonia in Orchard Lake

Ark Building









An appointment to visit or for research is necessary.
The hours are 9-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
In addition, the museums are open for tours on Polish
Sundays, the first Sunday of the month.
For appointment or for information, contact 248-683-0412

Galeria - Building (#8)

The Galeria is located in a spacious and separate building. It contains works of art, mostly of Polish artists, in the areas of painting, sculpture, china, and antique furniture. Every month a new exhibit of Polish artists is organized. The Galeria owns painting of such well-known artists as Julian Fa1ata, Wlastimil Hoffman, Juliusz Kossak, Alfred Kowalski- Wierusz, Jacek Ma1czewski, Jan Matejko, Tadeusz Popiel, Jan Stanislawski, Saturnin Swierzynski, Wladyslaw Szerner, and Waclaw Szymanski. The Galeria possesses a huge collection of stainless steel sculptures made by Marian Owczarski, the director of the Galeria. The subject matter of these sculptUres is very broad, ranging from sacred and practica1 art to abstract composition. Annually the Galeria organized competitions for young artists of Polish descent. Part of their work is kept in the Galeria collection.

Ark Building (#9)

Room #210

Reading Room of the Central-Archives of Polonia

Room #204

The Museum of Fr. Józef Dabrowski

Room #205

Museum of the Polish Army Second Corps

Room #207

Polish Army Veterans' Association of America . Veterans of World Wars I and II 6th District

Room #212

Archive and Museum of Polonia Radio and TV – Robert Lewandowski Collection

Room #301

Commemorative Room of Polish Diaspora. Funded by Bogdan Bereznicki

Room #302

Archive, Library, and Museum of the First Polish Armored Division

Rm#303& 304

Archive, Library, and Museum of the Polish Home Army AK

Room #305

Archive, Library, and Museum of the Polish Air Force

Room #306

Museum of the Singers Alliance of America – Circuit 4

Room #307

Museum of the Polish National Alliance – Aloysius A. Mazewski Collection

Room #308

Dr. Loda and Edward C. Rózanski Collection

Room #309

Museum of the Polish Falcons – Nest 31
Room #310 Museum of the Polish Association of Former Political Prisoners

Barracks Building

Rm #226

Archive and Library of the First Polish Armored Division

Rm #228 Archive and Library of the Polish Home Army AK
Rm #230

Archives and Library of Polish Army Second Corps

Rm #233

Museum PRCU St. John Paul II Society Nr. 1593. Polish Festival of Detroit

Rm #235 Archives and Museum of Dr. L. V. Kosinski . Dom Polonais. Polish Folk Art. (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

Rm #306

Archive and Museum of the Catholic League for Religious Assistance to Poland