Is there a deadline to submit my application?

    St. Mary’s Prep operates as a “rolling admissions” institution; however, we do cap our enrollment at 150 students per grade (Boys Division). The Girls Division for the start of the 2020-2021 School Year will be capped at 40 students.


    Please contact our Admissions Office today for important dates and deadlines.

    When are acceptance decisions mailed out?

    Prospective freshman who have applied, shadowed, and taken the HSPT exam prior to January 10, 2020, will be mailed a decision letter on January 24, 2020. Students who apply after that date will receive a decision on a rolling admissions basis once their file is completed.

    Once I am accepted, what comes next?

    If the applicant is accepted to St. Mary’s Prep, the Dean of Admissions will mail him a packet that includes a letter confirming the acceptance. In that letter, a date of reply will be listed. It is the parent's responsibility to call the Admissions Office to accept their child's spot in the class. Once that is done, more registration information will be sent to you detailing the steps to officially become a member of St. Mary’s Prep.

    If I am not accepted will I be notified?

    If the Dean of Admissions is unable to accept an applicant to St. Mary’s Prep, a phone call, and a letter will be mailed detailing why the acceptance could not take place at this time. Often times, a deferment is issued. This means that the Dean of Admissions will wait to make her decision on acceptance at the conclusion of a particular marking period, or the current school year.

    When will I find out if I earned a scholarship?

    Academic scholarships are awarded solely on High School Placement Test scores. More information on these scholarships and the required scores for qualification can be found in the tuition section of this website. If the applicant qualified for an academic scholarship, an additional letter indicating the award amount will be included in the acceptance packet. Additional scholarships are available as well, please reference the scholarship and tuition page on our website for additional opportunities. Any and all scholarship letters will be included in an applicants acceptance packet.

    Do I have to shadow to be accepted?

    YES! Applicants to the Boys Division are required to shadow at St. Mary’s Prep prior to an acceptance decision. It is very important that Mrs. Castiglione has a chance to meet each and every prospective student and family. Shadowing is also a wonderful chance for the applicant to see what a day in the life of a St. Mary’s student is like- that is very important to know before you decide which high school you will attend. Girls Division applicants are not able to shadow this year, but will have a special Family Experience Tour with the Dean of Admissions prior to acceptance.

    What if I am having a hard time making my decision between two schools?

    We understand how many WONDERFUL Catholic high schools there are in the Archdiocese of Detroit, and we know that your decision can be tough. If you are on the fence, shadow or visit St. Mary’s as many times as you would like! Mrs. Castiglione and Mr. Petry will talk with you about what you are looking for in a high school and we will help you from there!

    Is financial aid available?

    Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Families may apply for financial aid beginning November 1st. If your financial aid application is completed by January 1st, you will receive your decision letter in your acceptance decision packet.

    If I have additional questions, what should I do?

    Please call or email Mrs. Castiglione or Mr. Petry at ANY time! Our Admissions team is very happy to help with the entire admissions process and help answer any questions that you may have. Every applicant is exceptionally important to us and we are more than happy to make this process as easy as possible for you! text here.

  • Will I Be Accepted?

    At St. Mary’s Prep, our Dean of Admissions takes a holistic approach when accepting Students to OLSM. We understand that every student who applies is unique, and has strengths and weaknesses in many areas that are different from one student to the next. We examine the following areas when making our decision:

    • GPA from the most current school year, and two years prior
    • High School Placement Test score and other standardized test scores
    • Application
    • Teacher recommendation provided within the application
    • An administrative recommendation provided within the application
    • Shadow day/Interview with the Dean of Admissions

    We work closely with families to make sure that any student who wants to come to St. Mary’s Prep has the opportunity to do so. Our Dean of Admissions strongly values the relationships she builds with our applicants and their families. Every family who applies is welcomed and special to us, and we thoroughly enjoy the interpersonal relationships that develop. We work to make sure that every deserving young man has a chance to be a young man of St. Mary’s Prep!

    Applicants Requiring Academic Accommodations


    If the applicant is on a current documented and supported IEP, 504 or another form of an accommodation plan, please contact Candace Castiglione, Dean of Admissions at 248-683-0514 or CCastiglione@stmarysprep.com to discuss the applicant. It is important that our staff discusses the applicant’s accommodation plan, so that we may further be aware of the specialized needs of the student. Our priority is to ensure the academic success of every prospective student and having these conversations first is a wonderful way to start. There are also specific forms that need to be completed prior to the High School Placement Test in order for accommodations to be provided. Mrs. Castiglione is happy to provide you with a copy of those forms.

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