• Shadow Days

    Your Official Visit to
    St. Mary's Prep

    Prospective 9th graders- Boys Division

    Boys are welcome to schedule a shadow between September 30, 2019, to May 6, 2020


    Girl's Division: Family Experience Tour- April-May by appointment only

    Girls and their families have a unique opportunity to spend some time on campus in a family experience tour. Spend time with our Dean of Admissions getting to know the campus, visiting our facilities, and learning more about the ground breaking, exclusive opportunity you could have the chance to be apart of!

    Prospective transfer students- Boys Division

    will be invited to shadow after their transcript has been reviewed by the Dean of Admissions. The shadow window for transfers is October 21st and December 2nd for January transfer, and March 1st through May 1st for the following year transfer.


    Shadows will be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

    Please use our online shadow scheduling tool to schedule your son's visit. If your son shadows on Friday he will be able to attend one of our all-school masses. You must schedule your shadow day at least 3 days prior to the desired day. Please keep in mind that not all dates between the shadow window are available due to our school schedule and possible days off, etc.

    After the shadow day has been scheduled, a confirmation email will be sent to you with additional information.


    Shadow Day Information


    Shadows arrive to our Admissions Center at 8:15 am

    The Admissions Center is located off of Commerce Rd. We have a separate entrance than the main school entrance. If you are heading east on Commerce Rd., the Admissions Center will be before the main campus entrance. If you are heading west, it will be past the main entrance on the left hand side; you will see the large white sign on the front of the building.


    Dress Code
    Monday and Tuesday Shadows-
    Dress pants (khaki, navy blue, or black), a white oxford dress shirt and tie. Dress shoes and a belt.


    Friday Shadows-
    Dress pants (khaki, navy blue, or black), a white oxford dress shirt and tie or Polo shirt, Dress shoes and a belt.



    Lunch is on us!



    Pickup is at 1:00pm in the Admissions Center

    Important info about Snow Days: If your shadow occurs on a day that may be affected by a weather related hazard, please note that if WEST BLOOMFIELD SCHOOLS are closed, so is St. Mary’s Prep! If you are unsure, please feel free to call or text the Admissions Office cell phone at 248-804-6337 to clarify! Every effort will be made to contact you when the shut down has been called, but please check local media