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  • Virtual Admissions!

    Amidst the Coronavirus National Emergency, our admissions staff is happy to guide you through a virtual admissions experience! Please contact us to find out more about this. Check out some of our videos below to get a look into St. Mary's Preparatory!

    We are still accepting applicants to the Boys Division for the fall of 2020. For more information, read on or contact our Admissions Office at admissions@stmarysprep.com

  • Welcome To St Mary's

    Dear Prospective Families,


    We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Preparatory! The Admissions portion of our website will give you all of the information that you need to apply to St. Mary’s Prep.

    As you become familiar with St. Mary’s Prep, we hope you will notice a few themes:


    • We present a rigorous college-prep curriculum that offers honors, advanced placement, and college-level courses to our students.
    • We are a Catholic community that whole-heartedly values our faith and roles as servants to the Lord.
    • The moral fiber of St. Mary’s Prep fosters the growth of our students as they become true Christians. 
    • We celebrate the blessings of our talents in everything that we do- academically, spiritually, athletically, and through the many extracurricular activities that we offer.
    • Our educational setting is like no other school in the state - our 135-year tradition on a 115-acre campus is rich in history and pristine beauty.

    Our families, faculty, staff, and alumni know that St. Mary’s Preparatory is truly exceptional and unique. Our mission and message; God, Family, St.Mary's is surfaced in every lesson, every mass, and in every challenge faced. We are intentional in everything that we do to ensure that our students graduate as self- motivating, deep thinking, independent and Christians within out


    It is important for me to develop a strong working relationship with every family that expresses interest in St. Mary’s Prep. Please contact me at any time to schedule a shadow day, tour, and gather more information about this incredible school on the shores of Orchard Lake!


    God Bless!


    Candace Castiglione

    Dean of Admissions



    Please Contact Us:

    Candace Castiglione

    Dean of Admissions

    Matt Petry

    Director of Admissions

  • We Are St. Mary's



    St. Mary’s Preparatory is a Catholic college preparatory high school with a Polish-American heritage and legacy since 1885 A.D. We exist to provide deserving students the moral guidance, discipline, and education to become Christ-like models of service and leadership for the world. By the completion of our spiritual and educational model, these men gain the character, reverence, and fortitude to meet all challenges for the greater glory of God and their alma mater.

    St. Mary's Preparatory is a four-year co-divisional (Boy's & Girl's Divisions) program of pre-college studies in a disciplined environment preparing stundents for future study and careers of service. The Prep has a day student and boarding school program. St. Mary's is accredited by the State of Michigan Board of Education, the Archdiocese of Detroit, and MNSAA/MANS. Almost 100% of our graduates attend college.



    "If the Orchard Lake Schools did not exist, it would be necessary to establish them."
    -- Pope John Paul II