• Student Life


    Community Service

    Christian Service Hours at St. Mary’s Preparatory:

    All students are required to complete mandatory service hours. St. Mary’s believes service is being called by a loving God to reflect His love in everyday life, especially in caring for the vulnerable and the poor as Jesus did in the Scriptures. In the service, the students are performing, they are asked to reach out to those less fortunate by volunteering their time and talents. St. Mary’s hope is that students will challenge themselves to help others and work for the betterment of the community.


    Our Faith: The Center of Who We Are and What We Do
    St. Mary’s Preparatory is a Catholic community, and we take great pride in the love and faith that we have. Not all students at St. Mary’s Preparatory are Catholic, nor does a student need to be a Catholic to apply. We attend two required Catholic masses a week on Wednesday (7:30 AM) and Friday mornings (9:45 AM). We believe that those are the most important hours in our day as a school community. It allows us to be together in Jesus’ name, and assemble as a school community in the most holy of places: our Shrine Chapel. This is a wonderful time for us as Christians to sing the Lords praises, and to take a moment to reflect on our values, morals, goals and mission.

    National Honor Society

    Newly Inducted NHS Members - 2020

    Juniors: Dominic Abdal, Anthony Aljida, Thomas Allman, Alex Caushaj, James Collins, Nicholas Cranmer, Adam Dolan, Thomas Doman, Johnathan Essig, Steven Essig, John Frank, Noah Garvin, Blake Hazelton, Conor Heikkila, Kobe Howcroft, Collin Kinane, Daniel Leonard, Kory Lucero, Benjamin Martin, Patrick McFarland, Joseph MeLampy, Emmett Mitchell, Alex Mooney, Justin Morrison, Cody Nielsen, Oliver Niu, Daniel Norvell, Michael Nowicki, Harrison Ogochukwu, Luke Orow, Ezekiel Paquette, Paul Petrella, Donald Quillen, Kevin Rice, Noah Seilo, Steven Shaman, Ethan Shook, Stephen Sirosky, James Skellett, Bennett Smolek, Coleson Titus, Luke Vitek, Matthew Walker, Brandon Yatooma, Jim Yi, David Yuan, Frank Zhang.


    Seniors: Kyle Murphy, John Stanley, William Stanley, Ian Yu.

    Student Council

    Girls Division


    Class of 2024

    Class President: Sophie Borowski

    Class Vice President: Reece McNutt

    Class Secretary: Cameron Cole

    Class Treasurer: Gabby Gonzales

    Class Historian: Izzy Cooper


    Boys Division


    Class of 2024

    President: Josh Janda

    Vice President: Ryan Kirk

    Representative: Grant Essig

    Representative: Tony Notturno


    Class of 2023

    President: Darrell Rounds

    Vice President: Ryan Mooney

    Representative: Anthoni Kiafoulis

    Representative: Connor Shina


    Class of 2022

    President: Joe Janda

    Vice President: Anthony Ozog

    Representative: Alec Blendea

    Representative: Nolan Schubart


    Class of 2021

    President of the Student Body: Blake Hazelton

    Vice President: Randy Rasins

    Representative: Jimmy Collins

    Representative: Ethan Shook